The “All-on-4” restoration

April 21, 2011

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If you are someone who has lost or are going to lose all of your teeth then the “All on four” might be something for you. The “all on four” replaces all of your missing teeth with a denture that is supported by implants. The “all on four” is the next best thing to having all of your teeth back. If you are someone who is wearing a regular denture then you probably have problems with it not fitting right, sore spots and not being able to eat and chew that well. If you get the “all on four” all of those problems will go away, you will no longer have to worry about a denture moving around on you when your trying to eat or talk because the “all on four” is non- removable. If the “all on four” sounds like something you are interested in, call us and set up a consult with Dr.Steve to learn more about the amazing “All-on-4” restoration.

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