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Tooth Colored Fillings

Dentist in Louisville Restores Teeth With Natural-Looking Tooth Colored Fillings

For decades, silver, or amalgam, fillings have been the solution for restoring teeth following decay or damage. Unfortunately, these restorations require the modification of healthy tooth enamel, and are also highly visible in the smile. Your dentist in Louisville offers an esthetic alternative.

Made from highly customizable composite resin, tooth colored (or “white”) fillings blend flawlessly with the surrounding tooth enamel. Your dentist uses a precise color-matching guide to select the shade that will suit your smile best.

The composite material is biocompatible, offering a metal-free alternative for patients who are sensitive to metal or who worry about the potential risk of mercury exposure with amalgam.

Tooth colored fillings can restore new cavities, or replace old gray dental work. Aside from the associated cosmetic concerns, dark silver fillings make it difficult to detect future damage. Breaks or leaks may even be hidden on an x-ray, and are then left to decay more with time. Replacing silver fillings for the white alternative can potentially save a lot of time and stress in the long run -- talk to your dentist about the need for filling replacement.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Compared to silver, the tooth colored filling offers a number of advantages. First of all, composite resin actually bonds with the tooth enamel, instead of being affixed on top. White fillings restore as much as 85 percent of the tooth’s original strength. They also require less removal of the natural tooth structure, for more conservative dentistry overall.

Then there are the esthetics of white fillings to consider. Because composite resin is customized to match the shade of your surrounding tooth enamel, your new filling will be your (and your dentist’s) little secret.

On the day of the treatment, patients also appreciate the fact that white fillings dry within minutes under a special UV light. Anyone who has ever had a silver filling knows they take up to 12 hours to fully set -- and you need to avoid chewing on the affected tooth while it dries.

Composite resin is also more resistant to heat and cold. Silver contracts and expands in response to temperature change, sensitivity that you will feel. The movement may also cause the surrounding tooth to become weak or break as the years go on.

Cosmetic Uses of Tooth Colored Fillings: Composite Bonding

In addition to filling new cavities, composite resin can also make the minor cosmetic changes to the smile that produce a big impact. From filling in chips and breaks to covering up stubborn stains and correcting other esthetic flaws, composite bonding is an excellent alternative to more complex, costly cosmetic treatments.

To repair a tooth with composite bonding, your dentist applies the resin to the tooth and artfully sculpts its new shape. Because no modification of the tooth is necessary, composite bonding is pain-free and completed without the need for numbing or anesthesia.

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