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Dentist in Louisville Provides Emergency Care

It’s not always easy to know what to do in a dental emergency, but patients of Remmers Dental Group stay calm knowing they can count on our expert team to provide the urgent care they need, very soon after the emergency occurs. Don’t panic wondering what to do if a knocked out tooth, a toothache, or any other urgent situation catches you by surprise. Instead, call on your emergency dentist in Louisville for prompt attention! We’ll get you back to smiling again in no time.

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Sometimes, adults put off the dental care they need because they are reluctant to admit that they are really experiencing a dental emergency. In general, if you are bleeding or experiencing significant discomfort, you need urgent attention. Receiving the prompt care you require could mean the difference between saving your tooth or not, so don’t delay calling Remmers Dental Group in the following situations.

Call us right away if one of these situations (or anything else you suspect is an emergency) happens to you or someone you love.

How We Help

As soon as you call our office, we will assess your situation and schedule a time for you to come in based on the severity of your situation. Severely aching teeth may need an emergency root canal. And if you are able to come into our office within two hours of your knocked out tooth, chances are good that we can reattach the tooth (if you have managed to keep it moist during the time it’s been out of your mouth).

If you have something lodged between your teeth, we have the special tools and expert approach to remove the offending piece without doing damage to your gums or teeth. Never try to remove a foreign object from your mouth using your own tools -- it is highly likely that you will injure your mouth in the process.

A broken filling, bridge, crown, or other dental work may need two visits to repair. If so, rest assured that we will get you out of pain and with a properly-functioning smile before you leave your emergency appointment.

Manage the Pain, Stop the Bleeding

No matter the situation, your dental emergency is likely to cause discomfort and bleeding. Apply consistent pressure to the wound with a clean gauze or cloth to stop the bleeding, and take an over-the-counter pain medication to ease discomfort. Note that if bleeding does not stop or slow after 10 minutes of continuous pressure, or if you have broken a bone in your jaw, you need urgent medical attention. Head straight to the emergency room.

Call the Emergency Dentist in Louisville ASAP

Don’t delay if you or a loved one experience a dental emergency! Get in touch with Remmers Dental Group right away. We will do our best to save your tooth and get you on your way as soon as possible.

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