CEREC One-Visit-Restorations – Louisville, KY

A Dazzling Crown with No Wait

The multiple appointments required for many dental procedures can be a big drain on a busy patient’s schedule – not to mention the unpleasant impressions and awkward temporary restorations that are usually part of the process. Here at Remmers Dental, our doctors value your time, and we’re proud to offer services that combine convenience and speed with a reliable level of quality. We complete root canal treatment, customized dental crowns, tooth-colored inlays, and other restorative services in just a single visit at our Louisville, KY location helping you get back to smiling as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Remmers Dental for CEREC One-Visit Restorations?

  • Beautiful, Long-Lasting Results
  • High Level of Professionalism and Service
  • State of the Art Dental Technology

Dental Crowns with CEREC

With revolutionary CEREC technology, our team drastically simplifies the design, creation, and placement of dental crowns and other restorations. The process begins with us preparing the tooth and then using the system’s advanced 3D camera to create a detailed image of the treated area. Next, we use the software to design your new dental crown down to every detail with exceptional accuracy and personalization. Finally, these precise specifications are sent to the on-site milling unit. In just fifteen minutes or so, your brand-new, all-ceramic crown is ready. We’ll make any necessary adjustments to ensure satisfaction with the finished result before cementing it in place within your smile.

Root Canal Treatment & Dental Crown

Do you have a tooth that’s in pain or excessively sensitive? Are there gums that are overly red or inflamed around the tooth? You may need root canal treatment. This service can be a saving grace for teeth that are decayed or damaged to the point of being threatened with extraction. Best of all, our doctors can typically complete the entire process – including restoring the treated tooth with a personalized crown – in just one appointment.

The root canal procedure begins with our team carefully accessing the inner chamber of the affected tooth. Once we’ve removed the diseased pulp and bacteria from this inner chamber, we refill it with a biocompatible substance and seal it so the threat of further infection is minimized. Finally, we use our state-of-the-art CEREC machine to craft a beautiful, personalized dental crown to sit on top, providing much-needed strength and function for the natural structure.

Tooth-Colored Inlays

Sometimes, a patient suffers dental damage that’s too severe for a typical filling but isn’t quite bad enough to make the placement of a crown necessary. In these cases, our Louisville dental team typically recommends an inlay. Inlays are designed to fit within the grooves of the cusps of your tooth, strengthening it in a conservative and aesthetically pleasing fashion. Here at Remmers Dental, we complete the creation and placement of a custom-made inlay with our advanced CEREC technology simplifying the process down to a single appointment for patients. Before securely bonding the inlay in place, we ensure proper fit and comfort for the patient.

How Does CEREC Work? In 5 Simple Steps

CEREC stands for chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics, and it works in just five steps:

Step 1: Treatment Planning

First, your dentist examines the affected tooth and determines the best method of treatment. Do you need a dental crown, or can your issue be fixed with an indirect filling (inlay/onlay)? Once a plan is in place, your tooth is prepared for the restoration. Decay and infected tissue are removed and, if a dental crown is necessary, the tooth is reshaped to make room for the restoration that will fit securely on top.

Step 2: Digital Impressions

After your tooth has been prepared for the restoration, your dentist needs to create a model of the mouth for the creation of the crown or filling. Digital impressions are highly accurate and far more comfortable for you. Gone are the days of those messy, uncomfortable impressions that patients with sensitive gag reflexes may find intolerable. In just a couple of minutes, we’ll capture a digital image of your tooth and send it over to the CEREC system.

Step 3: Modeling

Once the image of your tooth has been sent to the CEREC software, it is converted into a three-dimensional model. Using this lifelike model, your dentist designs your dental crown aided by the advanced CEREC software. Thanks to the improved accuracy of this method, the design of the crown or filling is often more accurate than what is possible with the traditional method. The design is finalized within minutes.

Step 4: Milling

Step four is traditionally carried out by a ceramist in a separate laboratory. But with the in-house CEREC milling machine, the dental crown is designed out of a single block of ceramic according to the design your dentist created. Dental ceramic used with CEREC is highly customizable to perfectly match the shade of your surrounding teeth. In just under half an hour, the crown is complete.

Step 5: Final Revisions and Placement

Once the dental crown has been prepared, your dentist will check to make sure it fits and feels just like it should. The dental crown is placed onto the tooth, and any final adjustments or revisions are made as necessary. When everything is just like it should be, the dental crown is bonded securely over the tooth and the process is complete -- all in the same visit, all from the comfort of our office!

Contact us today if you have any questions about one-visit dentistry, or if you’d like to schedule your first appointment here at our Louisville, KY dental office location. Remmers Dental is also happy to welcome new patients from the communities of Elizabethtown, New Albany, and beyond.