I’m Missing One Tooth in Louisville. Do I Need a Dental Implant?

December 18, 2018

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model of dental implantAlthough you never expected it to happen to you, you are now among the 120 million Americans who are missing at least one tooth. Since it is only a single tooth, you may be tempted to leave it untreated; however, if it is not replaced right away, serious complications for your oral health develop. To protect your smile from additional damage, a dental implant is the best treatment option when missing one tooth in Louisville.

Why Do I Need to Replace a Missing Tooth?

When you lose a tooth, the crown is not the only thing that is missing. You also lose the root. As a result, your jawbone is no longer stimulated in the area, causing it to deteriorate. As more of your bone density is lost, significant changes occur.

Dental Drift

Your remaining teeth no longer have the support they need to stay in place. Over time, they shift toward the open space. This creates alignment and bite issues that can impact your oral health and your quality of life. An uneven bite places extra strain on your jaw, which can lead to the development of a temporomandibular disorder.

Oral Hygiene Issues

As your teeth move out of position, they become harder to clean. This increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Both issues can lead to additional tooth loss in the future.


If you lost a tooth in the bottom arch, the tooth directly above it may begin to extend too far from the gum line. This makes more of its root become exposed, leading to tooth sensitivity. Over time, the tooth may fall out.

Excessive Wear

All your teeth work together to promote proper oral functions. When one is missing, it puts extra strain on your remaining teeth. This can lead to premature wearing of your enamel, which can make your teeth more sensitive and have a heightened risk of breaking.

Nutritional Problems

Every tooth you lose makes it more difficult to maintain a balanced diet because some foods become too hard to chew. This can lead to nutritional deficiencies over time.

How Can Dental Implant Help?

A dental implant is the only treatment to replace both the root and the crown. Your dentist in Louisville surgically places an implant post into your jawbone to act as a root. This stimulates your jaw to encourage new bone growth. You give your remaining teeth the support they need to stay in place. Your jawbone also fuses to the post to provide a stable foundation for your replacement tooth to restore your oral functions.

Invest in Your Smile

You can overcome the complications of tooth loss with a dental implant. Invest in your smile with the next best thing to your real teeth.

About Remmers Dental

Remmers Dental strives to give our patients the highest quality of care through the latest advancements in dentistry. We offer a variety of tooth replacement options, including dental implants. We have the solution you need to complete your smile. Contact our office today to see if dental implants are right for you.


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