Dr. Oz wrong on teeth whitening

December 8, 2010

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Now I think Dr. Oz is a great physician and has a very entertaining program, but on his Dec 2nd show, Dr. Oz was talking about whitening teeth at home (this is the link to show web page:  http://www.doctoroz.com/article/natural-teeth-whitening-solutions).  His recommended treatment was lemon juice (an acid) combined with baking soda (an abrasive).  As your dentist, I want to give you my perspective-not as a doctor of general medicine, but as a dentist.  You should NEVER treat your teeth with an acid and you should NEVER combine an acid with an abrasive.  Abrasives alone can “sand” the enamel and structure right off your teeth!  They can also erode the height of our gums around your teeth.  When combined with an acid, the erosion process just happens faster!  So, while I respect Dr. Oz for his general medical advice-please do not follow his advice on whitening your teeth.  Get in touch with me or your own dentist if you want to have whiter teeth, safely and effectively.

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