Your Dentist in Louisville Explains Diabetic’s Oral Health

May 30, 2017

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Your dentist in Louisville explains how diabetes can quickly develop periodontal disease.Did you know there are 29.1 million Americans living with diabetes, a chronic glucose sugar disorder? That’s just about 9.3% of the population! Many of these patients that must consider new aspects about their diet, lug insulin around with them, and change their lifestyles drastically don’t know that their blood sugar levels are closely linked to their oral health. Your dentist in Louisville wants you to be aware that the most prevalent dental issue linked is gum disease. The most serious form of gum disease linked to diabetes is periodontal disease or advanced gum disease.

What is periodontal disease?
Periodontitis (or periodontal disease) is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the gums that develops from harmful bacteria infecting the gums. Periodontitis causes the gums to become swollen, red, and pull away from the teeth (recede). As the chronic disease progresses, it destroys the strength of your jawbone and will most likely result in tooth loss. Many adults suffer from tooth loss and an overwhelming amount of those patients arrived at that oral health issue because of periodontal disease.

Why are diabetics more at risk for developing periodontal disease?
Believe it or not, periodontal disease is the most common oral disease that affects diabetics. Nearly 22% of all diabetics develop periodontitis. The reason that periodontitis specifically affects diabetic patients is that of the difficulty that diabetics have in controlling their blood glucose levels. Bacteria thrives on sugar, and when blood glucose levels aren’t maintained properly, it can cause the bacteria in your mouth to multiply quickly and uncontrollably, causing the dental disease to take over.

What are the effects of gum disease on diabetes?
The relationship between gum disease and diabetes can be compared to a vicious cycle. Having diabetes and having trouble managing blood glucose levels can result in periodontal disease. Also, periodontal disease makes it more difficult to manage blood glucose levels and can contribute to the progression of diabetes. The reason that diabetics are more prone to gum disease is that they are more susceptible to bacterial infection, and gum disease decreases diabetics’ ability to fight the bad dental bacteria that causes it.

How can your dentist help?
Regular dental visits can help to prevent gum disease. If gum disease has already developed, you may have already begun searching for “a dentist near me.” But Remmers Dental Group can help revive your healthy gums through cleanings, medication, or, in severe cases, surgery. Maintaining a regular oral hygiene regimen at home can also help to prevent the development of gum disease. A big bonus is that blood glucose levels can also be improved by treating gum disease!

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People who have diabetes especially need to maintain good dental hygiene to prevent the development of periodontal disease and other complications that can come from diabetes. The best way to achieve this is by scheduling regular checkups with the dentist. Call our Louisville office today to schedule your next dental exam and professional cleaning!


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