How Can You Protect Your Child’s Mouth From Cavities?

August 22, 2019

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child being hugged by parentsSmall smiles are the most vulnerable to oral health issues like cavities and decay. Most parent’s wonder why it’s so important to offer maximum protection to teeth that are going to fall out anyway. Baby teeth are place holders for adult ones, and if they fall out too early, it can impact a child’s smile later on, causing problems like misalignment and crowding. Children’s dentistry in Louisville offers an exceptionally effective protective solution to prevent this problem from occurring. Read on to learn how dental sealants can help shape your child’s future smile into one that’s happy and healthy.

What are Dental Sealants?

You may vaguely recall your children’s dentists in Louisville saying something about dental sealants. These are small plastic shields that are used to protect your child’s teeth from sugar and food particle build-up that can lead to cavities.

Cavities are one of the most common oral health problems among children and, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, they commonly occur in the area of their mouth that can be protected by dental sealants. The AAPD also found that they have been shown to reduce the development of cavities by 86 percent after one year.

How Does The Process Work?

If your child is scared of the dentist or simply restless, you won’t have to worry about preparing them to sit through a long procedure in order to protect their mouth. In fact, it’ll be fast and absolutely painless! First, their children’s dentist will prepare their teeth that will be receiving the sealants by drying the area. They’ll then brush on a liquid that will harden in about a minute and form the sealant. That’s it!

Dental sealants aren’t indestructible, although they’re fairly durable, so it’s best to encourage your child not to chomp down on hard or sticky snacks and foods like ice or caramel. This could remove the sealant. Be sure to bring them in for their routine checkups and cleanings every six months so their dentist can check how the protective film is holding up and replace or repair them if necessary.

How Can They Fortify Your Child’s Oral Health?

Despite how diligent your child is about brushing and flossing every day, they may still be susceptible to cavities. Sometimes, the natural structure of your child’s teeth can have deep pits that are especially prone to collecting sugars and carbohydrates, resulting in decay. Sealants are a durable and effective layer of protection that shields your child’s natural teeth to keep them healthy. They can help prevent your little one from losing their chompers too early, resulting in their adult ones to grow in misaligned or crowded.

This preventive treatment is cost-effective and can help your child avoid any discomfort caused by cavities or a tooth infection. It’s no wonder why parents frequently take advantage of this easy and painless way of keeping their little ones’ smiles cavity-free!

About the Author

Dr. Emily Brown has nearly a decade of experience in the dental field and enjoys treating patients of all ages. Her goal is to give children the knowledge and treatment they need to keep their smiles healthy and happy for years to come. She has won multiple awards including Louisville Magazine Top Doc 2018 and the Kentucky Academy of General Dentistry Award for Outstanding General Dentistry. For questions or to schedule an appointment for your child for dental sealants, visit Remmers Dental’s website or call 502-499-0234.

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